Quake 1 Monsters


Quake 1 monsters are quite simple in nature. They make use of frame-based ticking where they advance in animation while executing any kind of callback.

Quake 1 defines several AI functions with which the monster feels alive and is able to find potential targets to hunt.

The first step in creating a monster is to create an animated model with all the animations you seek to make use of.

Quake 1 uses MDL model format which provides a sequence of frames we can use to animate the monster.

These frames are then annotated within the QuakeC code like:

 $frame attack1 attack2 attack3 attack4 attack5 attack6 attack7 attack8
 $frame death1 death2 death3 death4 death5 death6 death7 death8 death9
 $frame deathb1 deathb2 deathb3 deathb4 deathb5 deathb6 deathb7 deathb8
 $frame deathb9
 $frame pain1 pain2 pain3 pain4 pain5 pain6

The QuakeC pre-processor converts these to indexes that are used to specify which frame we want to use.

Each monster defines animations states by chaining a sequence of function calls that have intended side-effect (an action) assigned.

Say we look at the attack state:

 void() dog_atta1	=[	$attack1,	dog_atta2	] {ai_charge(10);};
 void() dog_atta2	=[	$attack2,	dog_atta3	] {ai_charge(10);};
 void() dog_atta3	=[	$attack3,	dog_atta4	] {ai_charge(10);};
 void() dog_atta4	=[	$attack4,	dog_atta5	] {
 sound (self, CHAN_VOICE, "dog/dattack1.wav", 1, ATTN_NORM);
 void() dog_atta5	=[	$attack5,	dog_atta6	] {ai_charge(10);};
 void() dog_atta6	=[	$attack6,	dog_atta7	] {ai_charge(10);};
 void() dog_atta7	=[	$attack7,	dog_atta8	] {ai_charge(10);};
 void() dog_atta8	=[	$attack8,	dog_run1	] {ai_charge(10);};

As you can see, each animation is represented by a chain of calls.

Method dog_atta4 also emits a sound while performing an attack on the target.

How does Quake decide on when to run, walk or attack?

When we set up our monster, we fill out the monster info like:

 self.th_stand = dog_stand1;
 self.th_walk = dog_walk1;
 self.th_run = dog_run1;
 self.th_pain = dog_pain;
 self.th_die = dog_die;
 self.th_melee = dog_atta1;
 self.th_missile = dog_leap1;

When the ai_* AI methods are executed by the frame methods, they perform checks on a possible target and switch states internally.

As a modder, if using the base game mode code, you can easily hack these methods to alter the AI. You can look at methods such as:

 * FoundTarget
 * ai_run
 * HuntTarget

and alter how monsters perceive the enemy.

This is how the monster's FSM generally looks like

This is a specific instance of the dog monster AI.